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Friday, October 18

Lately, Around Here...

birthdays, lunch with sweet families, trail races, puppy dog cuddles, birthday carrot cake, black coffee, spiced tea & cool afternoons reading on the porch...

This has been a busy and slightly stressful week, if we're being honest, but one that is definitely going out with a bang. Yesterday was husband's birthday, so today we are headed up to the mountains for a weekend getaway. I've packed up three days worth of good food {complete with a couple of birthday treats}, lots of firewood and warm clothes, and a couple good books. We are looking forward to cold mornings with hot coffee, watching the sunrise on the side of the mountain, reading by the campfire in the afternoons, the beautiful colors of fall that can only be fully enjoyed in the midst of nature.

{Poor Sambo had his dewclaw removed but is now back to his normal adventurous self}

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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Unknown said...

Have so much fun this weekend. I'm sorry I was MIA when you tried to call. It's been a little crazy here too. Tell K Happy Birthday from us!

AsianCajuns Lar said...

Hi Ashley!
I hope you guys had a lovely weekend up in the mountains and your hubs had a great birthday.
I spy some pumpkin spice roiboos?! Where oh where did you find that? I live on red tea here (can't drink caffeine so it's my favorite hot drink), but have never seen a pumpkin spiced version in the UK.
Love pics all!

p.s. Thank you so much for mentioning the Soapwalla deodorant. I'll probably have Cath bring some over for me at the end of the month. I've just started using my homemade stuff (equal parts arrowroot, baking soda and coconut oil and a few drops of lavender oil) -- I'll let you know how it goes ;D xx