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Wednesday, November 20

Handwritten Hellos

Lately it seems as though all of my close girlfriends and I are having trouble connecting. We are all so very busy, especially this time of year. And since all of my close friends are either newly minted mothers, full-time pharmacists that live two+ hours away, or working moms with littles in tow, finding time for phone conversations can be next to impossible. Inspired by my sweet friend Lesley, I've decided to make more of an effort to send handwritten hellos to those I care about but can't seem to connect with. {Side note: I'm all about Lesley's post on thank you notes. Sending thank yous is honestly one of my favorite things to do, even if it takes me a while to write them sometimes!}

I picked up these adorable cards at Target {where else?}. I love the fun, cheeky options and being able to personalize them for each of my friends. I also picked up a couple encouraging cards for a couple friends who are going through some tough things. I think for them especially, it is important to know that someone close to you is thinking about you and lifting you up in prayer.

Do you send handwritten cards or letters?

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