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Friday, November 8

Sick Days

My last few days have looked a lot like this. I move between the bed, the couch and sometimes the front porch {blankets and tissues in tow}, dosing, watching Netflix {currently loving the show Revenge}, sipping chamomile, and trying to be productive. I did manage to come up with a skeleton of a Thanksgiving menu, tell my mom where to put most of our dishes, and revamp this site just a bit.

I'm still not back in the saddle completely but am definitely on the mend. {I broke down and took an antibiotic. Boohiss, but I'm feeling better.} This weekend we are riding up to north Georgia to visit friends on Saturday, and I am really looking forward the a low-key reunion. Our time with them always means delicious food, strong early morning coffee, blankets by the fire or on the screened porch, and lots of laughter. And that's the best medicine I can imagine.

Happy weekend.

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