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Tuesday, January 21

Baby Talk // Birth Announcements

Since we didn't send out announcements that we were expecting a little addition to our family, we have decided to send birth announcements to our close family and friends. {This year our Christmas card somewhat pulled double duty, breaking the tiny news to those who hadn't yet heard.} I absolutely love getting announcements from my friends and leave them on our refrigerator indefinitely, so sharing our news with loved ones is important to us. From what I hear, we will have plenty of pictures to choose from since we will be snapping away his first weeks of life. I plan on having K shoot some pictures of the little man, and we may even hire someone to do a short family session. Either way, here are a few of the announcements I've liked thus far.

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Did you send out birth announcements? If so, what site did you use to design them?
Suggestions are more than welcome!


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clare @ the pretty walrus said...

How on EARTH did I miss this?! COngratulations!! This is amazing news :)

McMel said...

we just sent ours out WITH our christmas cards.. in january! my sister in law made mine... these aren't the exact ones we used, but that baby model is certainly the cutest baby ever...