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Wednesday, February 19

Make Believe // Spring Wardrobe

If money were no object... and I weren't currently pregnant... and wouldn't be trying to get my pre-pregnancy Crossfit self back*...
this is what I would be wearing this spring:

Pilot Jumpsuit - Emerson Fry
Organic Moto Jacket - Shop Bloom
Beach Side Twist Tee - Free People
Veranda Sandals - Anthropologie
Marni Dress in Pink - Sonnet James 

Here's to warmer weather, bare shoulders, and pink dresses. 
Happy Spring! 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*I cannot wait to do pull-ups again. I tried to keep doing them as long as possible during pregnancy, but it was too hard on my lower abdomen. Seriously looking forward to that first grueling workout!

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