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Monday, February 10

Monday Musings

How is it already February? Someone tell me. I feel like the last couple weeks just flew by. I'm sure you've already heard, but Atlanta got some snow, and the city shut down. We played in it a little, but mostly it just made the few work days after the snow absolutely crazy. {One lady called the pharmacy and actually said "I can't get down my driveway because of the ice, so can you deliver my order?" What?!!} Also, the other pharmacist was on vacation that week, so we were a person short. I think I slept the weekend away last weekend to make up for the exhausting day I had on Friday. 

This past week was another blur, with work being pretty busy and me spending my free time working on a side project and cleaning/organizing our house for an upcoming baby shower. {Yay!} But, I think I'm back to the land of the living! At least til the little one makes his appearance, ha! 

Here are some things for your Monday morning:

-- We rented this movie, which was surprisingly good. Love me some Tom Hanks, not gonna lie. 

-- I will never grow out of my love for Jenny Lewis. Never. 

-- After reintroducing dairy post-Whole30, I realized that it makes me congested and gives me headaches. I'm obsessed with this half and half for weekend mornings, nonetheless. 

-- On a related note, I need to try this recipe for paleo coffee creamer, but I'm hesitant because I don't love the taste of coconut milk in my coffee. I'll let you know if I stumble upon a winner!

-- Speaking of recipes, I really want to try and make these samoas with GF flour and almond milk. Don't they look amazing?

-- Also, speaking of recipes, I finally ordered Danielle's cookbook, Against all Grain. Obsessed, I tell you. So many good recipes. 

-- I followed this Ikea hack and made a new side table for our living room. Seriously love it. Too bad my local Ikea only had one table in stock... hoping to pick up the other one this week. 

-- My spot for daily scripture and inspiration. So blessed by these ladies and their immense love for the Lord. 

-- I've been on the hunt for a vintage periodic table for years. So jealous of this one! It even has 3D electron distribution. {Yes, I know how nerdy that sounds.}

Here's to a great week, warmer weather and the hope of spring!

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Unknown said...

1. Following She Reads Truth. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

2. I am seriously disappointed with how our talk time has decreased since I've become a mom. I know it will only be crazier once your little nugget is here. I MISS YOU. We have to find some time to hang out in the next few weeks. Only like FOUR weeks until he's here!!! I'm so excited.

Meghan Splawn said...

I have just worked up a recipe for caramel using coconut milk instead of butter and cream - if you decide to try those samosa. I'm kind of obsessed with it and I might just have to send you the recipe anyway.