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Wednesday, September 17

Elliot West // Six Months

You guys, my baby boy is six months old today.
I just need to let that sink in.

 He is sleeping peacefully in his crib in his room and will {hopefully} not wake up to eat until around 3am. Gone are the days of feeding every two or three hours, of hourly diaper changes. But also, gone are the days of tiny, incoherent squeals, the days of tiny fingers and toes and blonde fuzz in place of hair, of him sleeping peacefully between us. My boy is so strong and handsome and growing like a weed. He sleeps in the most insane positions and flips from front to back to front all night long. He is so loving, fun and laid back, he smiles and laughs so much! He scoots his way across the floor to get to my slippers, a toy or Sambo - he will be crawling so soon. He loves when I sing to him at night. He looks up at me with the sweetest expression and often reaches out his little hand to touch my face and my heart simultaneously melts and soars. It's hard to remember just how tiny and fragile he was. And part of me misses those precious early days, but part of me is so excited for all the things our future holds. Motherhood truly is bittersweet.

Happy six months bean.
I would always choose you to be mine.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos 

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