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Monday, September 8

Weekend Adventures // Girls Trip to PCB!

For the long Labor Day weekend, my mom, sister and I packed up our kiddos and headed south to a friend's condo on the Gulf of Mexico. Growing up, my family always went to Panama City Beach for summer vacation, so it still has a soft spot in my heart, despite some of its less desirable qualities {read: obnoxious high school/college partiers}. Since we went at the end of the season and since our condo was verrry far from the strip, it was a great place to hang out in the white sand, play in the waves and soak up some vitamin D by the pool. I really enjoyed hanging out with my nephews and chatting about their interests. My sister's oldest boy is a budding artist and told me all about the different types of pencils, coals and chalks he likes to sketch with. Her youngest told me all about what he was learning in school and about football. It was just great to be with them!

Elliot and I camped out under the umbrella on the beach and enjoyed the breeze. He also loved splashing around in the pool and dunking his older cousins. My nephews love hanging out with baby Elliot, as they call him. And they are so helpful! More than once they entertained E while I got dressed or put on makeup. It was so sweet to see the three on them playing on the floor. 

And just being with my mom and sister is restorative to my soul. I am so blessed to have them as family and to also call them my friends. It's been such a wonderful thing to share this new adventure of motherhood with both of them, but especially my sister. Talk about having a wealth of knowledge at hand - the two of them are priceless to me. 

{I am oh so smitten with this little boy, and moments such as these are priceless to me. Motherhood is a difficult journey, but one I am grateful to be on every single day.}


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