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Tuesday, October 7


Today is my thirty second birthday.

Not gonna lie, just typing that made me feel pretty old. Something about becoming a mom {maybe lack of sleep?} makes this year feel different. This year I can finally feel the distance between my life and that of my twenty-something friends. I actually mentioned to one of them the other day that I feel every bit of my thirty two years this year. And while part of me is nostalgic for those feelings of freedom and possibility, I wouldn't want to go back. Thirty and thirty one were some of my happiest years, and I know that there are so many happy memories in this next year just waiting to be made.

So here's to another year, a life that looks totally different than it did one or two years ago, being a supportive wife and an encouraging mama. Here's to a life so full of love that it overflows all around,  one full of adventure and awe, one that writes a beautiful story of grace and mercy.

Here's to thirty two.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!!

There's a little birthday shout out on my blog today. ;) xoxo