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Wednesday, September 30

tom tom

i've been a fan of toms for quite a while
and i'm finally going to take the plunge and buy a pair.
it's for a such good cause, and honestly, i need some school shoes.
{you try walking speedily all day in three inch heels, lugging books, a purse, and a laptop}

also, i may have a birthday coming up,
and these would be an ideal gift.

also, husband's birthday is ten days after mine
so he will be getting these.

not only will we be providing two pairs of shoes to children in need,
we will be so adorable.
it's such an easy way to do something good.

visit the site, read about their amazing movement,
and tell me,
which pair of toms would you get?

images courtesy of toms shoes
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


beccaweber said...

i want them too! i just have always been too poor. but i love love love the styles you picked out! :)

Unknown said...

JG needs these.

Blasé said...

He'll love those shoes, I'm sure!