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Monday, October 5

saturday night lights

i have a confession to make....

i love college football
{don't judge}

i know it's not the most fashionable of hobbies,
but there's something really exciting about a college town on game day.
everyone is grilling great food, laughing loudly, playing games...
the energy is the air is tangible,
and the excitement is contagious.

this past saturday, husband and i met up with some friends
to celebrate another year of georgia football.

this group of fans went all out.
notice the paint job on the van... bulldog colors.
i would even go so far as to call them professional tailgaters.
they've clearly done this a few times before.

i think it is such a wonderful tradition that the georgia girls dress up for games.
girls at most other schools, especially non-sec schools,
wear jeans and tees and tennies to the games.
not at uga.
the vast vast majority of ladies are decked out in skirts and dresses
and fancy flats and sandals.

since i never wear red and black together in "real" life,
i honestly struggled with what to wear to the game.
it was a bit strange for me,
as this outfit is one that i would never wear outside the stadium.
however, i am really looking forward to the cooler games,
so i can wear my adorable black and grey wool dress
with bright red tights!

what did you do this weekend, my lovelies?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


McMel said...

i love college football! i love being on the UGA campus for games, and I love seeing what the girls are wearing to the games. I have the most amazing red & black heels-however, I cannot walk around campus all day in heels- so i always end up dressing down.

Sean said...

psh, no one's going to judge you for liking football. Ran into a blog that you might like today. Mostly fashion based from what I can tell.

AsianCajuns said...

I love your red and black interpretation, A! I've never been to a UGA game (for shame, I know)- but it looks like so much fun!
I spent the weekend meeting my bf's new baby nephew-- too cute!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

beccaweber said...

you look lovely! the girls at tech dress up too (i know, i know, boo hiss...blah blah blah) but they're all sorority girls too. i remember freshman year a friend from upstate came to visit and her hostess was MORTIFIED that she hadn't brought heels to wear to the GT game. hahahaha!