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Monday, May 24

mapping out the future

there is something so wonderfully intriguing about maps i think. maybe it's the association with travel and adventures or because they make me think of my husband or perhaps its the nostalgia of trips past. regardless of the source, my love of maps is transcending into my tastes in home design.

this is my favorite use of old maps. unfortunately, we don't have any glass doors, so this project will be tucked away for our next home.

i love the simplicity of this print over a sofa. i think it would work quite well with my new-found love of clean lines and neutrals.
{available on etsy}

this would make a really unique focal point in an office. the challenge is finding such wonderfully colored globes. i imagine painting them would require more artistry than i am equipped with!

how about a map of your favorite city to greet you when you walk in the door?
{via apartment therapy}

or hanging above the bed in a guest bedroom?
{via apartment therapy}

these ideas have come a long way from a world map with "where i have been" pushpins, don't you think?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Arlynn said...

We love maps too! In fact, we're working on a huge ancient world map puzzle together :-) I'm hoping that when we actually finish it {give us the next 30 years} we can have it beautifully framed to fit above a sofa in our sitting room.. Can't wait!

Caroline said...

I love maps and love traveling. I hope all is lovely! xo

Kb_Mal said...

Love MAPS! Actually found that grey six-piece on Etsy and was super close to buying it!


Unknown said...

I love maps too! Random, but in the six canvas shot, I love that sofa. I might just have to get it from Urban when I move next.

Maine Mummy said...

We have maps up in our house and I have always loved that one map over several frames idea but those doors are fantastic. Trying to think where I can install a glass door to do that!

beccaweber said...

oh man! i have been decorating with maps for YEARS! it's about the only stable thing in my decor, aside from my lil sister's artwork! i love covering an entire wall with overlaying maps--and have in all of the past places i've lived since college :)