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Wednesday, September 15

National Yoga Month

You may have already heard (since I am more than a bit late on this), but September is National Yoga Month! What a great excuse to pick up an old hobby, begin a new one, or just go see what yoga is all about. Not only does it improve strength and flexibility, it is a time to relax into your own body and find a sense of calm.

As for me, I am attending a weekly power vinyasa class. Since I have stopped dancing, I really miss the quiet strength of yoga. Sometimes I forget how much.

How will you celebrate National Yoga month?
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Blair McLeod said...

i'm the least flexible person in the world -- but have a secret dream to be a yoga master! maybe i'll celebrate by spending a couple of minutes stretching (which i kinda hate doing).

p.s. i have a little surprise for you on the blog today! :)

OneCraftyFox said...

How ironic, I started doing yoga again this week!!

Hope you are well, sweets :)