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Monday, November 15

All Bundled Up

The term "sweater dress" has never really been appealing to me for whatever reason. I tend to think of sweaters as bulky, over-sized pieces that pair well with jean leggings and tall boots (or more recently, with shorts). Enter this dress, and my opinion completely changed. There's really nothing outstanding about it, but I love it. Cozy, warm, and suitable for dressing up. Now I'm thinking about transitioning those long, bulky sweaters into dresses as well.....

H&M dress & faux-fur stole, Charming Charlie's belt, Modcloth tights, Dolce Vita wedges, Banana Republic & vintage rings

Happy Bundling.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Collette Osuna said...

Pretty sweater dress...looks warm and the accent pieces too:)

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rlutz said...

that dress looks so cozy and chic!
Love those wedges!!

Blair McLeod said...

just found out today we are getting an H&M! i'm so excited!!

loving those shoes!

Rebecca said...

That dress looks amazingly comfortable *wants*

Taylor said...

YOu look great, I too am on the fence about sweater dresses, but you are rocking this one!

New follower!


Unknown said...

Such a lovely sweater dress!

McMel said...

that dress is lovely!! i need warm dresses like that for winters up here!

OneCraftyFox said...

Hel-lo! You look INCREDIBLE!!