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Friday, March 18

Simple Switches

Much like my sweet friend Lesley, I made a lot of changes to my diet over the last year or so. I've mentioned my eating habits a couple times and have gotten some questions regarding the "paleo diet." {This site does a great job explaining the strict paleolithic diet & the theory behind it.} It can be overwhelming, and I distinctly remember thinking 'what the heck am I going to eat?!' 

Well.... TONS of veggies, raw fruits, nut butters, lean protein, eggs, coconut & almond milk and flour, avocados {they taste so good on everything!}, raw almonds, and quinoa to name a few. Just to get you started, here are some simple ways to make your daily choices a little bit better.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. Choose almond butter or sunflower seed butter over peanut butter.
 It's the perfect compliment to a banana, an apple, a smoothie or even a handful of celery sticks.

2. Substitute romaine hearts for tortillas or bread.
Remember these fajitas? I'm still obsessed, so now I eat them wrapped in a large romaine leaf. And yes, it is super filling.

3. Add veggies everywhere!
Again with the fajitas... they now include onion, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, and squash, sauteed together, then added to chicken.
Also, see no. 4.

4. Eat eggs.
Scrambled eggs with steamed broccoli, spinach, heirloom tomatoes and/or squash is my favorite breakfast. Sounds a bit odd, but it's delish with some freshly ground pepper, real salt, and raw blue cheese.

5. Season and marinate with freshly squeezed lemons, limes, and oranges.
It's the perfect trio for fajitas, grilled chicken and fish. It also works well in a slow cooker.

Happy {paleo} eating.

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Claire Kiefer said...

I'm totally gonna look this up! I eat a long of these things anyway (I've been a vegetarian for 15 years and I love fruits & veggies), but I can't seem to totally let go of the grains. I love brown rice/tortillas/etc. too much. Another problem I have is that I just don't like eggs! I might try yet again, based on your veggie/scramble suggestion . . . I wish I liked them, because I know they're full of protein!


Kelly said...

These are great tips - keep sharing more with us! It's much easier to make little changes than one giant shift!