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Tuesday, April 3

Simple Improvements: On a Roll

I found this leather and wood chair a while ago at the local Habitat for Humaity REstore and have been wanting to transform it into a more functional desk chair ever since. I love the simplicity of the black leather and the worn scratches in the wooden arms. Plus, I think it will look great in our new office... once we move into the house, paint the room, build a wall mounted double desk, and find a clear lucite chair for my side. But those are minor details, right?

The process was more than easy. Remove the nails from the chair legs, drill new holes into the legs {while being oh so careful to maintain the correct angle and not drill through to the outside}, place the hardware into the legs, and viola. A new, rolling desk chair.

Grand total cost: $22
{$10 chair, $12 two packs of casters}


copyright Hiking in Stilettos

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