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Monday, October 14

Meal Planning: October 14-18th

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This week our meals are pretty simple, since we are {hopefully} leaving Thursday afternoon for our annual camping trip {the government shutdown has currently caused a change in plans}. That being said, I decided to keep lunch simple and only make one thing in advance for dinners. I did, however, complete all the prep work for a second dish in the event that we don't leave town Thursday afternoon. 
Here is what our week of paleo meals looks like:

Egg scrambles with miscellaneous veggies {zucchini, mixed greens, maybe potatoes, spinach, etc}
Crunchy kale salad or mixed greens with baked chicken and paleo ranch or leftover chicken, kale & wild rice soup
{This soup was a runner up for lunch and will probably appear in the meal list next week or so}

Spaghetti with zucchini and sqoodles {spaghetti squash "noodles} adapted from this recipe or Paleo chicken alfredo with zoodles {zucchini "noodles"}

Peeled and sliced carrots and celery with sunbutter or sunny cranberry trail mix
This banana bread sounded perfect for an afternoon snack and to take camping with us. I haven't made it yet, but plan on doing it either for the trip or just for the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon I did the prep work for salads and snacks and baked chicken for lunches while the spaghetti was cooking. I also baked the spaghetti squash,  shredded zucchini noodles and diced the chicken for the alfredo. And there you have it!


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