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Friday, December 6

Week Ending


How was your week?
Mine went by pretty quickly and was a mix of ups and downs. I'm definitely feeling pregnant {read: huge} these days, so after a discouraging doctor's visit* on Wednesday morning, I spent a little time with my mom. We decorated my Christmas tree {pictures soon!}, placed fresh greenery all around the house, drank cinnamon coffee and chatted. It was so uplifting.

Today I am so incredibly grateful for the encouraging people in my life -- my girlfriends who can always make me laugh, my twin star who reminds me to never allow other's opinions to determine my fate, my sweet mother and sister who know just what I need, my father who tells me to 'be careful' on my morning commute, my husband who is a constant source of strength and encouragement and who knows when I just need to cry and when I need a little tough love. 

I am really looking forward to the weekend! We are having some friends over Saturday night to hang out and eat dinner and play with all their new babies. So fun! I'm going to try and make a paleo key lime pie and coconut whipped cream to compliment our shredded chicken tacos, fresh salsa and guacamole. 

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*Everything is just fine. Little bean is healthy as can be and so am I. No worries!

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Lesley said...

i'm sorry you had a discouraging doctors appointment. :( looking so forward to seeing you this weekend and eating pie and tacos. yum! love you.