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Tuesday, November 4

Soap and Glory

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I have mentioned more than once that yummy smelling soaps and lotions are my favorite beauty products, and one of my favorite companies for said products is Soap and Glory Cosmetics. Soap and Glory is a UK based company, but their products are available at Barney's Co-op Stores (full line) and  Target (only certain products) in the US. Soon you will also be able to purchase SG online from their website

Among my favorite SG items are the "Clean on Me" body wash and the "Righteous Butter Body Lotion." They both smell like the soaps and lotions from Anthropologie, but without the price tag. The company states on its website that "at Soap and Glory, we believe that you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg just to moisturize one (or the other, or both)." Also, the packaging is absolutely adorable. Black and white with lots of pinks and blues with brown complement the vintage photographs and Union Jacks on the labels. Slogans like "Everyone uses soap. (At least everyone we want to spend time with)" and "At Soap & Glory we believe its always in one's best interest to come clean" add even more fun to the wonderfully girly packaging.

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beccaweber said...

your posts are so uk-centric that i'm thinking you should come to visit me! <3

AsianCajuns said...

We love this stuff too, A! I didn't realize that it was British (for shame, and we call ourselves Anglophiles)- love the britishy witticisms.

AsianCajuns said...

I keep the hand lotion at my desk at work and use it ALL the time. It smells really good and looks very stylish - i love it!