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Thursday, March 10

30 Before 30*

*Not to be confused with 30 for 30, which is something else entirely.


I'm not really big on resolutions, but I love the idea of setting goals and charting my progress toward those goals. Since 2011 brings a little over a year and a half before I turn thirty, I decided to go ahead and make a bucket list of sorts. Inspired by my sweet friend Lesley, here's a list of things that I hope plan to accomplish in the next 1&1/2 years. Some are frivolous, some concrete and tangible, while others are lifestyle and attitude changes, but they are all important to me in their own way...

1. Complete a sprint triathlon
2. Read the bible from cover to cover
3. Take yoga classes regularly
4. Take a road trip out west with my husband
5. Climb the Teton Mountains
6. Find a girlfriend to run and do races with
7. Learn to play the piano
8. Do more things that scare me
9. Develop a mission statement for my life
10. Simplify & minimize our home without sacrificing our personalities and comforts
11. Make cornbread like my mother's at least once
12. Take my mother and sister on a trip, just the three of us
13. Give back to my community, wherever that may be
14. Drink less coffee and more tea
15. Go backpacking for more than one night
16. Go camping with my family & with husband's family
17. Develop a working closet & a wardrobe that I truly love
18. Make intentional time for my girlfriends
19. Tell my husband one thing every day that I love about him
20. Complete a half marathon
21. Complete this race wearing my Vibram FiveFingers & improve upon last year's time
22. Take my husband to New York City in the spring time
23. Complain less and encourage more
24. Camp on the beach
25. Go surfing, preferably in the Outer Banks of North Carolina
26. Buy a pair of Hunter wellies {Husband gave me a pair for my birthday!}
27. Take a trip to the beach & savor every moment
28. Be fearless
29. Live a more centered, peaceful life
30. Be a loving, supportive, and godly wife

What is on your bucket list?

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OneCraftyFox said...

Fabulous list! I am taking hot yoga regularly and I luv it! I am currently working on the wardrobe thing... not quite there yet :)

beccaweber said...

oh if you go to nyc, please give me a call. i'm only a couple of hours away ($20 round trip bus fare!) and would love to see you--even if it means i take a day trip to nyc.

warning: i need wayyyy advance notice though, because my schedule is way overloaded at least until may.